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chiropractor lincoln ne are well known for their expertise in the musculoskeletal system. This demonstrates that the majority of patients have a back or neck problem. The spine, on the other hand, governs a far more significant portion of the body and its operations than you might expect.

When chiropractors treat patients’ problems, they may alleviate symptoms associated with diseases that most people believe can only be treated with medications. Chiropractic treatment is all-encompassing. This implies that their job is ideal for those who are afraid of taking pharmaceuticals and coping with the side effects.

Clinics such as Foundation Chiropractic treat patients for any of the following issues. As you will see, their clinic can cover more than just the average low back pain.

Fertility Problems

Parenting is frequently viewed as one of the most significant blessings a person can get. This path, however, is only for some, and over 6 million women in the United States struggle to conceive. While many people seek treatment through medicines or IVF, chiropractors can provide a less intrusive alternative.

By straightening spines, chiropractors can assist in balancing hormones and trigger ovulation by improving blood flow in the body. Additionally, chiropractors have the ability to change the pelvis, which might disrupt uterine function or make sexual activity difficult. This is beneficial to both men and women.

If a woman becomes pregnant, she can continue receiving chiropractic care. The capacity to change the pelvic region makes birth easier and gives the baby more room to develop and move. This lowers the chances of preterm births and infections.


While some individuals struggle with it, breathing is the most basic function of existence. Asthmatics’ lungs get inflamed when they inhale dust or mold spores. Though most cases are mild, severe ones can cause intense coughing and even passing out due to a lack of oxygen.

While drugs and inhalers can assist with asthma symptoms, the underlying problem can be addressed at a chiropractic practice. To breathe, the musculoskeletal and neurological systems must function properly. Problems with the lower vertebrae can aggravate asthma since the phrenic nerve regulates the diaphragm.

Foundation Chiropractic and other clinics can do x-rays on asthmatic patients to see if this area of the body needs attention. Chiropractic therapy can also help with this since asthma attacks can lead patients to thrust their backs out as a result of coughing and gasping.


Both ADD and ADHD, which are more common in teens, are characterized by the inability to concentrate and a proclivity to act on impulse. Both scenarios can impair job and school performance, making it difficult to relax. Asthmatic individuals, for example, are typically medicated.

This strategy is frequently useful, but it has drawbacks. Anxiety and tension are regularly experienced by patients. Some drugs may lead people to look so quiet that they resemble zombies. This aggravates the symptoms of the disorders.

Nerves in the body influence both physical and mental function. As subluxations interfere with their work, conditions such as ADD and ADHD become more widespread. Chiropractors are knowledgeable about the specific locations of the spine where these subluxations can be addressed. According to research, their therapy can manage the detrimental effects of both conditions without the need for drugs.


Humans are frequently under stress. It might be related to their job or family life for some. Some, on the other hand, may have mental health issues that make even minor stress incapacitating. Anxiety can result in panic attacks, disinterest in one’s work, and recurring headaches.

As previously said, your nerves influence your brain. Chiropractors will relieve nervous system strain produced by spinal dislocation. This enhances nerve connection with the rest of your body, including brain neurons. In addition to their therapy, you may benefit from seeing a massage therapist or an acupuncturist.

Tension in the body can make movement difficult at times. Being active becomes easier when pains are relieved. Physical activity is not only beneficial to the body, but it may also aid with cognitive performance. Frequent physical activity and mobility have been shown to relieve stress.

Who Qualifies for Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic treatment is available to people of all ages. Despite the fact that the majority of patients are above the age of 45, the diseases listed above can afflict anyone at any age. Because children’s bones are still growing, they may be sent to a chiropractor. This improves the effectiveness and gentleness of the therapy.

Visiting a chiropractor while you are younger can also help prevent problems from worsening and reduce your risk of injury. When the procedure strengthens your spinal cord, doing things you enjoy, such as sports, becomes simpler. Chiropractic treatment may also lessen the chances of developing arthritis.

Idahoans Are Treated With Foundation Chiropractic

To guarantee that you are receiving correct care, conduct research on local clinics to verify that they will provide an approach that addresses the aforementioned difficulties. Foundation Chiropractic will always be available to Idahoans.

Foundation Chiropractic offers a more relaxing experience via the use of the torque release technique (TRT), as well as a nonmedicated solution to many of your problems. Your chiropractor will use a device known as an integrator to treat spinal problems. Patients as young as newborns have been hospitalized for this operation since it is so safe.

Foundation Chiropractic is a wholly integrated clinic devoted to your total health. They understand that your mental health influences how your body works and vice versa. You are more likely to develop symptoms sooner if you do not obtain comprehensive therapy.

They will go through your medical history with you and discuss your lifestyle, which may aid in the detection of underlying ailments that you are unaware of. In order to keep you motivated and on track with your therapy, they will show you your progress as they continue to care for you.

Medicines can be quite helpful, but only some individuals enjoy how they make them feel. Luckily, natural methods for many illnesses and ailments have been shown to be effective. Visit www.foundationmeridian.com to learn more about Foundation Chiropractic’s method. You may now join the ranks of their many satisfied customers.


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