What Makes A Great Plastic Surgeon?


There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon. These include how they deal with their patients, the quality of their work, and their credentials. It’s important to find a surgeon with experience and a high degree of satisfaction with his or her work.

How They Deal With Patients

A good way to find a good plastic surgeon is to ask other medical professionals for recommendations. They often have personal connections to surgeons, and can provide you with a recommendation based on personal experience. If you do not have personal connections to doctors, consider reading reviews of surgeons in your area.

Plastic surgeons should have a compassionate approach toward their patients. Compassion is necessary in all doctor-patient interactions, but compassion is especially important in plastic surgery because surgeons are often dealing with patients who have experienced trauma or have congenital defects. Compassion is difficult to teach formally, but is often cultivated during residency. Some plastic surgeons have developed service organizations and demonstrate this quality on a daily basis.

How Their Work Looks

Most plastic surgeons are good salespeople, and they don’t shy away from using social media to promote their services. However, there are some who are less ethical, and they will often make false claims about their certification. Here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting a plastic surgeon:

First, choose a medical school that offers the right training for plastic surgery. Those interested in a career in this field will need to complete pre-med courses, including anatomy and physiology. They should also have strong communication skills, since they’ll often have to explain to patients the procedures they’ll perform. They should also have excellent technical skills, so they’ll be able to see problems and devise a solution.

Plastic surgeons often perform complex surgeries to repair face and body tissues. They can fix cleft lips and other defects, reconstruct a breast following a mastectomy, and even reduce scarring. They also spend their days performing rounds at hospitals, meeting with new patients, and consulting with their colleagues on complicated operations.

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