Why the Best Telemedicine Care Product Is the Portable 12-Lead Ecg Self-Diagnosis Machine


In recent years, medical technology has advanced significantly. Although you may have seen test kits for diabetes and pregnancy, we now have sophisticated cardiovascular self-diagnosis tools. Continue reading to learn why the 12-lead portable ECG equipment from SmartHeart is the finest and why you need one.

Early Identification of Heart Issues

Cardiovascular issues might be identified early on with the aid of a portable 12-lead ECG machine. This makes it possible to get treatment as soon as possible, preventing the issue from getting worse. Self-diagnosis is a valuable strategy for reducing mortality since it allows for the early detection of cardiovascular issues.

You can diagnose your heart health from the comfort of your living room with a portable 12-lead ECG from Smartheart. After producing rapid reads, the gadget forwards them for interpretation to a board-certified cardiologist. Even better, you receive a diagnosis in around thirty minutes, giving you the peace of mind you need to carry on with your day.

Enhanced Precision in Diagnosis

A misdiagnosis brought on by defective equipment is one of the main causes of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. The electrical pulses of the heart can be found using a variety of instruments, some of which are more precise than others. Thankfully, the most recent and precise ECG available on the market is the 12-lead model, which has a 98% success rate in identifying anomalies in cardiac rhythm.

The 12-lead portable electrocardiogram, or smart heart, concurrently detects pulses from 12 bodily locations. Twelve stands for six leads in the chest and an additional six leads in the limbs. Among these points are:

  • Brust
  • the interior surfaces of each arm
  • waist on the left
  • Additional sections of the device’s belt that link to the integrated electrodes

Reasonably Priced and Practical

The unavailability of ECG devices is a significant obstacle to early detection of cardiac issues. The conventional ECG equipment is large and difficult to operate. Due to their high electricity consumption and requirement for skilled medical personnel, they are expensive and immovable.

As a home diagnostic kit, we have created portable 12-lead ECG equipment that will benefit our clients. It employs cloud technology to store your data, is small enough to fit in your handbag, and only needs two AA batteries to conduct one hundred ECGs. Modern technologies are packed into Smartheart’s self-diagnosis kit, which makes it more affordable and easily accessible than conventional ECG equipment.

Ideal for Far-Off Places

The 12-lead ECG machine from Smartheart is a solution for isolated communities where access to cutting-edge cardiovascular care services is nearly unattainable. The majority of conventional ECG equipment is located in cities, making vulnerable groups difficult to reach. Fortunately, cables or other bulky accessories are not needed for the self-diagnosis kit to function.

All it needs to function is two AA batteries and a mobile network connection. It records and collects data using a specific software that you may download to your phone from the Apple Store or Play Store. This equipment is useful to paramedics in challenging rescue situations where rapid ECG testing is required.

In Summary

Although telemedicine has seen significant innovations, the business is dominated by Smartheart’s 12-lead ECG portable devices. Despite living in a rural area, people can still find it convenient, accurate, and portable. Purchase one from Smartheart right now to enhance your cardiovascular health.

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