Is Acupuncture Beneficial For A Sports Injury?


Acupuncture is an alternative or complementary medical treatment that is mainly used to relieve various kinds of body pain. In recent years, exercises have shown significant benefits to human health apart from promoting weight loss. The right kind of exercise can help to treat several chronic disorders, body pains, alignment issues, and internal issues and strengthens a person from within. Similarly, acupuncture has proved to be beneficial to treat sports-related injuries.  Acupuncture, a holistic approach, is a personalized, holistic, non-pharmaceutical & non-surgical procedure that helps to restore the natural state of the body by accessing the body’s own ability of healing.

Let’s see how sports medicine acupuncture benefits the body and what the conditions it can treat are.

What are the conditions sports medicine acupuncture can treat?

Well, it can treat a variety of injuries and pains. Different kinds of acupuncture techniques are used to treat the different disorders. This includes the following: Acute strain or sprain in joints, Baker’s Cyst, Arthritis, Athletic Enhancement, and Herniated disc, neuropathy disorders, functional Scoliosis, joint dysfunction and so on. When it comes to acupuncture treatment, the list of physical disorders it can treat is endless.

How sports medicine acupuncture can benefit athletes?

Following is the list of benefits that athletes can achieve through this holistic approach:

  •       Improves blood flow

Through this process, needles are used to put pressure on several active points in the body. The needles activate certain points on the body which results in an increase of the nitric oxide inside the body. This causes the blood vessels to widen up and relax and opens up the arteries. As a result, more blood flows towards the heart & other organs, thereby improving blood circulation in the body.

  •       Pain Relief

As the inserted needles stimulate certain points in the body, the body starts releasing endorphins which are the body’s natural pain killer. The patient starts feeling more relaxed after the combination of treatments and gets a long-lasting relief. The idea behind sports medicine acupuncture is to find out the root cause of the pain and then with the help of a certain range of motions and activities treat the injured tissue area.  Note that if a bone gets broken, it cannot be joined through this procedure.

  •       Improves energy and endurance

This procedure is often used to regulate the nervous system. The proper functioning of the nervous system ensures a boost of energy & endurance in individuals. As a result, the performance of the athlete increases.

  •       Rapid recovery post injury

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are often subjected to injury. For every small injury one cannot take pain medications as they can cause long-term damage. In such a case acupuncture approach can help a lot. By going through regular natural treatment in between the training sessions individuals can get rid of frequent muscle sprain, fatigue and pain. As result, one can get rid of the issues faster.


Sports medicine acupuncture is by far one of the safest and fastest recovery treatments that can not only help athletes to treat sports injuries but also can be used to treat various physical disorders without the need of taking harsh medicines or any invasive techniques. 


Mary Rodriguez

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