How Soberlink Can Help You And Your Family? 


Alcoholism impacts, not just the drinker but also others who are in his or her immediate vicinity. Relationships can be strained and trust can be broken as a result of alcohol addiction. The alcoholic’s loved ones may feel as though they can’t believe a single word he or she says. After all, they may lie as a result of their addiction. Soberlink is unique among alcohol monitoring devices in that it allows family and friends to participate in the recovery process as well.

They can sign up for email updates to check if the alcoholic has reverted to old habits or is still standing strong and refraining from alcohol. Regular email updates can be sent to family members and friends to check whether the alcoholic has relapsed. The results not only reveal how often the alcoholic has used the gadget, but also what their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) may be if the tests are positive.

Family and friends may be certain that the findings are accurate since this gadget contains tamper detection hardware and facial recognition software. Soberlink not only helps to reestablish trust but also gives approved contacts a piece of mind. Family therapy sessions may also benefit from the reports.

In Custody Cases, The Use Of Soberlink 

Soberlink reports can be utilized in custody cases, did you know? When it comes to a child’s well-being, many family courts are unwilling to give custody to an alcoholic, whether he or she is the father or the mother. Some states may even be hesitant to allow visits. If you’re battling for custody and you’re worried that your ex-spouse may use your drinking against you, Soberlink might be a good option. Soberlink has recently been employed by certain family law attorneys to aid accelerate custody proceedings.

They’ve also utilised the reports to advocate for their customers’ best interests. Clients may have worked on their sobriety in the past, according to reports. They may even demonstrate that the clients have been sober for a long time and, as a result, should receive custody of their children. The Soberlink method may also be utilized to guarantee that recovering alcoholics spend time with their children while sober.

These tests can help to resolve parent-child problems and inspire a recovering alcoholic to stay sober. They can also provide objective proof of sobriety and demonstrate that the recovering alcoholic is operating in his or her children’s best interests. It’s worth noting that there are particular family law plans available. Basic, plus, and premium are the three categories available.

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