How to Make Cannabis Caramels

How to Make Cannabis Caramels
In this guide, we’ll share a recipe for cannabis caramels, blending the rich sweetness of classic caramels with the unique properties of cannabis. The process starts with decarboxylating cannabis to activate its THC, followed by infusing it into butter. This infused butter is then combined with sugar, syrup, and cream to create a delightful edible that satisfies your sweet cravings and provides the effects of cannabis. Do visit It’s essential to remember that cannabis edibles can be strong, and their effects can last longer than smoking or vaping. To ensure safety, always label your cannabis edibles clearly and store them out of reach of children. It’s also crucial to educate yourself and others about the risks of accidental ingestion, especially in states where cannabis is legal. When trying cannabis edibles for the first time, start with a small dose to determine your tolerance. Wait at least two hours before considering consuming more, as edibles can take time to take effect. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have regular, non-infused caramels on hand for those who prefer not to consume cannabis. Remember, never drive or operate machinery under the influence of cannabis. Enjoy cannabis responsibly by starting low and going slow. If caramel isn’t your preference, you can explore our recipe for marijuana brownies!

Homemade Cannabis Caramels

These cannabis-infused caramels offer a soft, chewy texture and melt delightfully in your mouth, providing a special treat.


1 cup Cannabis Butter 1 cup Brown Sugar 2 cups White Sugar 1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream 1 cup Light Corn Syrup 1 cup Evaporated Milk (2 cans) 1¼ tsp Vanilla Extract


To begin making cannabis caramels, the first step is to prepare your equipment and ingredients. Grease a baking pan measuring 12 inches by 15 inches and set it aside. Next, you’ll need a candy thermometer, which should be attached to a medium-sized pot. In the pot, combine the cannabis butter, brown sugar, white sugar, whipping cream, evaporated milk, and corn syrup. These ingredients will form the base of your caramel mixture. Place the pot over medium heat and stir the mixture continuously until it reaches a temperature of 250°F. Once the mixture reaches the desired temperature, remove the pot from the heat source and stir in the vanilla extract. This will add a delicious flavour to your cannabis caramels. Now, carefully pour the caramel mixture into the prepared baking pan. Allow it to cool completely at room temperature. This cooling process is essential for the caramels to set properly. Once the caramel has cooled and solidified, use a sharp knife to cut it into individual pieces. You can then wrap each piece in waxed paper to preserve its freshness and prevent sticking. Enjoy your homemade treats, but remember to consume them responsibly and in moderation.


Enjoy your homemade treats, but remember to consume them responsibly. It is illegal to drive while intoxicated. This recipe is intended for adults 21 and older. Always ensure legality and safety when consuming cannabis.

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