Are you ready for hair dusting this winter?


Your hair needs some extra attention during the winter months to help it combat the effects of the colder weather. One useful habit to get into – and which you can carry on throughout the year – is hair dusting. So, what is hair dusting and how do you do it? Read on to find out!

What is hair dusting?

Hair dusting is a way to keep your ends looking good in between cuts. You’ll need a pair of professional hair dressing scissors to do it – don’t even think about using any other kind of scissors, as you will likely end up damaging your hair and making it look worse instead of better.

To dust your hair, ensure you detangle and brush it to get it looking as sleek as possible. Now, you see those little split ends that stick up and detract from how good your locks look? Those are your target.

Use the scissors to gently snip off each of the split ends that is sticking up from your hair. You’re not removing any length by doing so, you’re simply getting rid of all those damaged tips. Just as you remove dust from a surface to make that surface look better, regular hair dusting can make your hair appear sleeker and smoother. And who wouldn’t want that?

Why is hair dusting particularly important in winter?

Hair dusting is useful year-round, but it takes on an added importance in winter. That’s because the winter weather can wreak havoc on even the most well-behaved of hair, as well as on your scalp.

Firstly, there’s the cold air, which can make your hair dry and brittle. This means it will be more prone to breakage than usual. Then there’s the heat of your toasty warm house or office to think about – that’s going to dry out both your scalp and hair, exacerbating the impact of the cold air outside.

Now, add in the impact of wearing a hat. Not only is this an invitation for static but it can also put stress on the individual hair strands, again increasing the likelihood of breakage.

Your body does what it can to impact the effects of winter, producing more melatonin during the colder months to help regulate growth, but you can help it too by committing to regular hair dusting as part of your haircare routine.

What else can you do to boost the condition of your hair?

Once you’re on top of the dusting, there’s still more you can do to ensure your hair remains in great condition over the winter. According to All Things Hair, 29.33% of people rely on conditioner as their go-to winter haircare product, while 15.67% opt for hair oil and 9.33% swear by hair gel/wax. Incorporating a regular hair mask into your routine can work wonders as well. Focus on keeping those split ends at bay and nourishing your hair comprehensively and you should have fabulous looking locks all the way through until the weather warms up again.

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