The Benefits of Telehealth Services: A Guide


Health insurance policyholders should think about the many advantages of telehealth before making a final decision. The accessibility of telehealth is just one of its many advantages. Live  video visits with doctors are possible through this protected mode of healthcare delivery. Any device with a camera and microphone can be used for a telehealth visit, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

As more healthcare providers and patients adjusted to new ways of receiving care, the COVID-19 epidemic raised public awareness of telehealth. The number of telehealth visits reported by the CDC at the start of the pandemic was up by 154% compared to the same time period in 2019. Regular checkups and preventative treatment can now be obtained via telehealth from a variety of providers.

Potential Advantages of Telehealth

Access to a wide network of occupational health services youngstown oh is now within everyone’s reach thanks to telehealth programs like those provided by many health centers like Southbank Medical Centre Plan. If you don’t reside near a major city or your service provider’s headquarters, this can be a huge benefit. As an added bonus, it can be useful if you need to reschedule your in-person appointment but just don’t have the time to do so. You won’t have to waste time and money traveling for treatment if you have this access.

Several applications exist for telemedicine:

  • You can get the care you need without leaving your house when you see the doctor. Find out what kinds of online tools and services your doctor supports by having a conversation with them.
  • If you’re having non-life-threatening symptoms like a cold or sore throat, or if you fear you might have COVID-19, you can receive a medical opinion from the comfort of your own home or at the office thanks to urgent care services. Go to our website now to get more information.
  • Some medical insurance programs may include wellness coaching as a service option. Members of a registered insurance company can achieve their health and wellness objectives through electronic or telephone consultations with a personal health coach. In addition, We at Southbank will provide a variety of telehealth services for mental and behavioral health.
  • Telehealth services are increasingly being used to provide counseling sessions. Members who qualify can get help with their mental and behavioral health through online chat sessions with a licensed therapist through our telehealth services.
  • There are various health management apps that promote wellness that are available digitally. A health coach is available to members as they engage in self-directed activities meant to improve their mental and physical health. The members of Southbank Medical Centre have access to a wide variety of additional digital health and wellness resources. Visit us now for more details about the health services we are providing.

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