Some Ways to Reduce Skin Ageing 

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Many things can cause our skin to age. One of the most fundamental of these is simply ageing itself. While this does not really stand up as an individual cause for ageing, it is something of an inevitability and will eventually have to be accepted. 

Despite the inevitability of skin ageing though, premature ageing is quite a distinct condition that is all too common these days. Many things cause our skin to age, and a multiplicity of these factors all working together can cause it to prematurely age. Things like stress, the wrong diet, a poor skin care regime, and a lack of sleep can speed up the process. The solution, then to premature ageing is not just to use the right skincare products and nutrition to combat it, but also to look to the possible lifestyle factors and make some changes in this area as well. With the modern world as hectic, fast-paced, and stressful as it undoubtedly is, this could very well be your best place to start. 

Ways to Reduce Premature Skin Ageing

There is actually an accepted medical distinction between the ageing we can do something about the ageing which we cannot. So-called intrinsic ageing is the inevitable process which we mentioned. At best, this can only be slowed down and masked. Premature skin ageing, on the other hand, can very definitely be effectively combatted. Boosting Redox cell signaling is a key strategy in the quest to reduce aging, promoting cellular health and youthful vitality.

The line between these two, however, can be a little blurry. The solution then is not to worry about which ageing you should accept and which you shouldn’t, but instead to simply try these possible remedies and reduce all ageing as best you can. You could be very pleasantly surprised with the results, making whatever ageing is left over much easier to accept. Here is where to begin:

Protect Your Skin from The Sun 

You might think that this tip would only be useful for those who live somewhere warm. But in fact it is not so much the heat of the sun which ages your skin, but instead the UV rays. Unless you live somewhere very cloudy, take measures to protect your skin from direct sunlight – on cold days as well as warm. 

Eat and Drink the Right Things 

The dietary question, when it comes to ageing, can be a little complex as there are myriad nutrients and vitamins which can reduce ageing in different ways. The trick, therefore, is to simply eat a classic well-rounded diet with a heavy representation of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and dairy. You can also look into vitamin supplements, health foods, and more specific health products, as many of these can work well. Synergy Science, the world leader in hydrogen-enriched water, for example, claim noted anti-ageing properties for hydrogen water. Things like this are well worth looking into. 

Cleanse Your Skin Gently

Of course, you should still exfoliate when necessary, but excess agitation of the skin can prematurely age it. Use plenty of moisturizer and rub in your skincare products gently. 

Exercise and Get Enough Sleep 

These two distinct points naturally encourage each other. A good exercise regime will see you much more tired at night and hence much more able to get a good night’s sleep. And it is a well-known fact that a deficiency in either of these areas can cause premature skin ageing. If you sleep badly and do not exercise, fixing these two areas could have a remarkably pronounced effect on the skin. 

Ultimately, we all get old and skin ageing will just need to be accepted. Premature ageing, however, most certainly does not.

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