Have Dogs? Here are Some Reasons Why You Must Brush Their Teeth


Dental hygiene is one of the top priorities for self-care. As humans, we use various dental tools and products, such as natural toothpaste, to keep our pearly whites strong and healthy.

But what about our pets? We often neglect caring for our dog’s dental health, thinking they won’t need it. That’s wrong, and refusing to look after your dog’s gums and teeth will affect their overall health. Just like in your self-care routine, you need to brush your pet’s teeth regularly with organic dog toothpaste, and here are some reasons why.

Prevent Bad Breath

Our dogs love to jump up and give us a slobbery kiss; however, you might get a whiff of an awful smell. If your pet’s breath smells bad, that indicates bacterial growth and plaque buildup, which can be seen as yellow discoloration on the enamel. To keep your dog’s breath from smelling bad, regularly brush their teeth to clean up food bits and eliminate bacteria.

Keep Them Safe from Tooth Loss

Dogs lose their teeth, too, if they start becoming unhealthy. Due to their lifestyle, their teeth may start accumulating damage over time. Your pup won’t be happy chewing that delicious bone if they have several missing or damaged teeth, so ensure they get brushed always.

Avoid Pain

We all know how painful dental issues are. Unhealthy teeth will break or chip off easily, which won’t feel good for your dog. Other oral health problems, such as tooth decay, Gingivitis, Periodontal disease, or the erosion of the gums, will give your dog significant discomfort. You can avoid these health issues by making brushing your dog’s teeth a part of their routine.

Keep Your Pooch Safe from Organ Damage

Bacteria building up on the plaque forming around your dog’s teeth might risk entering the bloodstream and cause damage to your dog’s organs. This is called bacteremia and will spread to organs such as the heart, kidney, and liver, making your dog sick. Always brush their teeth to get rid of bacteria, so your dog stays healthy.

Save Yourself from Costly Veterinary Visits

Not caring for your dog’s dental health can get them sick, and if they’re sick, you’ll need to go to the vet for medical attention. Pet health treatment can be expensive and punch a hole in your pocket. A healthy dog won’t need to be rushed to the vet, and you and your pooch will surely be happy.

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