Dazzling Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening in Ottawa

Ottawa teeth whitening

A dazzling smile can brighten up a room and entirely transform your self-esteem. However, it affects every aspect of your life when you’re not confident in your teeth, but happily, professional Ottawa teeth whitening is possible for individuals who want beautiful whites. If you’re thinking of whitening your teeth, you’re probably aware of some benefits. But are you aware of all you’ll receive due to the procedure?

Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

It’s no secret that having whiter teeth has perks, the most evident of which is a brighter, more appealing grin. Stains or general discolouration tend to soften your smile, so your expressiveness is diminished no matter how broadly you smile or how loudly you laugh. Whiter teeth add a new dimension to your self-esteem. Another clear advantage is enhanced oral health. The reduction of stains during a professional teeth whitening session allows your teeth to strengthen and become healthfuller, improving the general health of your mouth and gums. Another typical motive for tooth whitening is to improve your romantic life.

Serious Self-Esteem Enhancement

A brighter smile translates to a more radiant you. The vast majority of people attribute a considerable percentage of their self-worth to their physical appearance. So, if you opt to whiten your teeth, you can anticipate a boost in your self-esteem right away. You and your smile will glow, and believe us when we claim that everyone will notice the difference!

It is Simple To Have Your Teeth Whitened

Many procedures take a significant amount of time both during and after the surgery to reap the benefits. However, having your teeth whitened is not one of those time-consuming treatments.

With teeth whitening, you can expect a competent dental practitioner to transform your smile in under an hour! While a few over-the-counter whitening treatments make similar claims, the results from a dental professional and the quickness with which you’ll achieve them are unrivalled.

Teeth Whitening at Spa-Dent

At Family Dental Care, we now provide in-office tooth whitening using the unique Spa-Dent technology. It is a tooth whitening technique that is both safe and effective. You can have a whiter and brighter smile in about 40 minutes. The products used are not acidic and will not cause enamel damage. Blue and red lights activate the system. We take before and after shots so that we can see the difference right immediately.

External stains from food, tea, coffee, smoking, and the environment are removed by whitening. However, it does not affect the interior colour of your teeth. The majority of the time, the results are fantastic. Some individuals, however, do not exhibit any meaningful improvement.

Teeth Whitening and Cleaning – Our Solution

Our Family, Dental Care dentists will inspect your teeth and tell you whether Spa-Dent is an appropriate solution for you. Before whitening your teeth, you should get a complete check-up and cleaning. This will ensure no layer of plaque on your teeth that will hinder the whitening solution from working correctly. Additionally, if there are any cavities, these must be filled before whitening to reduce sensitivity.

Although sensitivity may occur following a whitening treatment, the Spa-Dent system is ideal in this aspect. There may be some sensitivity or tingling in the gums following the treatment; however, this typically only lasts a few minutes, and this system has no long-term adverse effects. In addition, towards the end of your whitening treatment, a fluoride application is performed to strengthen your enamel and reduce sensitivity. Since Spa-Dent works on your tooth enamel, your fillings may not change colour. On the other hand, our dentists will answer any questions you have about your fillings and whitening. Drink only water for the first hour following your whitening procedure. After that, you would have to refrain from eating staining foods for 24 hours following treatment.

Service for Teeth Whitening in Ottawa

So, if you have a special occasion, a wedding, or simply want a brighter smile, give us a call now and inquire about Spa-dent. For a limited period, we also have a special promotion on Spa-dent. So, call right now to acquire a whiter smile.

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