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A yellowish and discolored smile is one of the most unattractive factors a person can have. According to what social experiments show, many pay attention to your smile when they meet you for the first time rather than other features like your eyes, lips, and so on. That’s why you have to maintain a charming and attractive smile by maintaining good oral hygiene, visiting a specialist on a regular basis, and other important things. Yet, it’s still possible to find your teeth extremely stained and yellow over time. 

According to a dentist offering teeth whitening service in Newmarket, this problem can originate from many different causes like genetics, drinking too much tea or coffee, smoking, etc.; it’s critical to find the underlying cause of your tooth discoloration and then seek the most suitable solution. For this, an experienced cosmetic specialist can help you understand what made your teeth discolored. After that, they may suggest professional teeth whitening as it’s the most prevalent technique to bleach stained teeth. It’s effective on most types of dental stains and can brighten your teeth up to eight shadows when it gets done by a professional. Keep reading this article as experts answer the most common questions asked by whitening candidates. 

What Should I Expect During the Session? 

At first, your dentist needs to assess your oral condition to understand whether you are an eligible candidate. They check for any signs of tooth decay, periodontal diseases, cavities and other issues to realize how healthy your mouth is. Patients with such problems should receive other dental care first before whitening their teeth to prevent possible complications. If your mouth is in good condition, your dentist performs professional and technical teeth cleaning to make your mouth completely ready for the rest of the process. Then, they apply the whitening gel, and it should stay on your teeth for a specific time, depending on the level of discoloration. You can also ask for fluoride therapy in the end, but it’s optional and not necessarily needed, although it brings you amazing oral health benefits like teeth sensitivity reduction. 

Is It Effective on All Types of Stains? 

If you think at-office bleaching can affect all kinds of dental stains, you are wrong. The first step is to understand the main cause of this condition and how your teeth get discolored. For instance, you can ask for professional bleaching if your teeth are stained due to aging, tobacco use, or coffee. On the other hand, stains caused by decay, tetracycline antibiotics, or fluorosis can’t be affected by this treatment, and another procedure should be considered. 

What Are the Active Ingredients? 

teeth whitening service in Newmarket

Many patients want to know what ingredients there are in the whitening products and materials. Most bleaching gels contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide, which are active ingredients that can penetrate the inner layers of the enamel and make it lighter. During this process, the stains will be perfectly oxidized, and your teeth become pearly. Some dentists may also use lasers to boost the process speed while making it more effective. 

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