Orthodontics: What Are the Related Dental Emergencies?


Many people worldwide have crooked and misaligned teeth, and it’s not a specific problem that happens to just an individual. Therefore, you aren’t alone if you are insecure about your misaligned smile and feel shy to show your teeth. On such occasions, you lose your self-confidence as you can’t feel comfortable smiling at friend or family gatherings. Fortunately, there is always a solution for any dental problem you may experience, thanks to the huge dentistry improvements. The technology of orthodontics is the thing that can help you achieve a dreamy smile by aligning your teeth. There are many different types of orthodontic problems offered by professionals that are designed for different demands and requirements. But like any other procedure, there are some problems that are possible to occur during these treatments.

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These orthodontic-related issues rarely constitute a true dental emergency, but it’s still probable to experience something that requires prompt care and attention. As a professional dentist at a walk in dental in Toronto says, these cases should be managed properly before they can put your oral wellness in serious danger. If you don’t know what conditions are considered an orthodontic emergency, keep reading this article and gain all the needed information.

Loose Bracket and Band:

The pieces that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth are called brackets. Then, your professional orthodontist ties the arch wire to them by a ligature. As time passes, this system can straighten your teeth and put them in the right positions. Also, your orthodontist should fit bonds around your back morals for better results. On some rare occasions, you may see one of your brackets or bonds loose, which is a very serious problem that is eventually considered an emergency by all experienced orthodontists. If you experience this problem, you have to contact your professional as soon as possible and explain your condition to them. They will have you come at the most convenient time to fix this problem. Remember, this condition can make your treatment period much longer, so you should not overlook it at all.

Poked Out Wire:

Sometimes, you may feel your wire is out of its place and cause you severe pain. It can even damage your soft tissues, which can be really annoying. If it doesn’t bother you that much, you can wait until your next appointment with your dentist. Otherwise, it’s necessary to visit an emergency dentist to fix the wire and prevent more damage to your cheeks and soft tissues. Furthermore, have your wires completely checked at every visit to make sure you feel comfortable in your mouth.

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Knocked-Out Tooth:

Some patients may experience a severe hit or impact to their faces while having braces. In such conditions, your tooth may get knocked out from its position if the trauma is serious enough. It’s very critical to visit an emergency specialist within two hours to save the tooth and prevent it from missing. Otherwise, you have no other option but to consider dental implants or bridges to replace that missing tooth and complete your smile.

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