Cosmetic Dentistry- Types of Services Provided


Taking care of oral health does not only talk about addressing issues like cavities, tooth decay, tooth loss, gum diseases, and other periodontal diseases. It also has another key aspect that deals with improving the appearance of your teeth, replacing lost teeth with implants, and shaping your teeth in a way that gives you self-confidence and enhances the way you smile. This aspect of taking care of your teeth is nothing but “cosmetic dentistry nashville tn.” Consulting a seasoned dentist for all your cosmetic dental treatments, including Invisalign in San Jose, will help you get the desired appearance that you wanted.

Cosmetic dentistry-types of services provided:

  • Teeth whitening: Cosmetic teeth whitening or bleaching is a standard procedure. If your teeth have discoloration or a stain problem that makes you uncomfortable in front of others, it is time to go for a teeth whitening. Professional cosmetic teeth whitening can dramatically lighten the shade of your teeth and help you get your healthy and confident smile back. This procedure must be done by a dentist for a better result. Never use over-the-counter bleaching products without asking the dentist. It will give bad results and can be bad for your teeth too. 
  • Dental bonding: This procedure uses tooth-colored composite resin to cover and mask off cracks, craze lines, discoloration, and other kinds of cosmetic issues. Dental bonding helps give shape to the problematic tooth by making it wider and uniform. This procedure is completely reversible and does not affect your natural enamel. You can replace it over a particular time frame as advised by your doctor.
  • Dental implants: Cosmetic dental implants peabody ma are used to replace your missing tooth. The implants are metal devices surgically placed in the jaw where the tooth is missing. It acts as the root of the teeth and gives balance to artificial teeth like dentures, crowns, or bridges.
  • Dental veneers: These are personalized and cemented to the front of the tooth. The veneers look like thin shells that are made of porcelain or some composite material. It treats oral conditions like – chipped teeth, slightly crooked teeth, and discolored teeth, and covers gaps between teeth. 

Cosmetic dentists are expert professionals in fixing the appearance of your teeth with the help of invisalign camberwell that otherwise made you feel self-conscious and not so good. Oral health is very important for how you look and how you think. Therefore, if you do not feel good about the way your teeth are and it affects your confidence and socializing with people, you must consult a reputed dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry for making your teeth attractive and healthy.

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