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What is Intentional Parenting?

This parenting method is a main parenting style. Like all parenting techniques, there are many pros to this parenting style. This form of parenting focuses on building a long term, positive relationship between parents and children. Here are some tips to help you implement intentional parenting into your daily parenting routine.

#1) Try to Avoid the Word No

When using intentional parenting , you should try to avoid saying the word no to your children. Saying no can negatively affect your child’s self esteem and teach them negative emotions. Instead, try saying expectations in a positive manner. This can help you teach expectations without having to saying no.

#2) Teach Independence

One of the essential parts of using this parenting method is teaching independence. Parents should never do something for their children, that children can do themselves. Even if you are looking to get your child to do something quickly because you are in a rush, stop and think. Rather, set aside time in your routine and get ready to leave your house ten minutes earlier than you normally would. This will allow you to set aside time for your child to become even more independent. Some examples of this include tying shoes, getting dressed and so on.

#3) Avoid Yelling

Another way that parents can exemplify this parenting method is to avoid yelling. Every parent has experienced moments where all they want to do is yell. Try your best to avoid yelling at your child for any reason. This will only teach them that yelling is okay and a normal form of communication. Try using reason and logic to teach your child and take the additional time out of your day to explain why something is not okay, rather than simply yelling.

#4) Take Time for Yourself

Most parents, both mothers and fathers, will feel guilty for taking time for themselves. All parents need to stop having these negative emotions and feelings of guilt. To be the best parent you can be, you need to take time for yourself to care for yourself and do the things that you want. Whether you take time each day to read a book, take a weekend to go on vacation, or enjoy a monthly massage, the time to yourself will do both you and your child good.

#5) Allow Negotiation

Many parents do not believe in negotiation with children, but those who use the this parenting method do. While it is not always appropriate to negotiate with your children, there are times when it can be both educational and fun. Some examples of negotiation with children is when it comes to the order that you complete things or the time frame for certain activities. These negotiation strategies can be implemented to teach your child the importance of choice and help them know that their voice is being heard and appreciated. Try to avoid using negotiation when it comes to things that actually matter for your daily routine or for safety.            


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