The Historical Breakfast You Never Knew You Needed


Utah has many claims to fame, not the least of which are its many beautiful mountain trails, state parks, and skiing opportunities. For many, Utah symbolizes all the beauty of the Great American west, and it’s a popular spot for RV trips and family vacations. But it’s not all rugged outdoors fun in the Beehive State. Something even sweeter than honey originated in the state’s early industries: America’s first donut chain, Spudnuts, was founded in Utah in the 1940s.

They sold potato donuts.

Potato donuts use the starchy flour or mashed spuds to achieve a fluffy, structured finish to a breakfast treat that’s unlike anything ordinary flour can achieve. Many potato donut recipes are gluten free, which makes them an excellent, inclusive breakfast for those with food specifications.

Potato donuts aren’t as obscure as one may think; there’s speculation that many popular brands use a blend of spud starch with flour in their recipes to achieve ultimate fluffiness and structure. Modern companies are much stingier with their recipes, and they refuse to be as open about what’s inside their product as the bakers were a hundred years ago.

But we are certain that the first potato donuts were pure spud, and they were amazing. Spudnuts didn’t invent the recipe; German immigrants to Pennsylvania in the 18th century are more likely the ones responsible for bringing this glazed wonder to America. But Spudnuts was the first chain to commercialize and spread across the nation.

When Spudnuts was acquired by Canadian owners in 1968, the chain rapidly disintegrated, and few stores are left open today. There are less than 40 stores across the entire United States. However, potato donuts remain a historical breakfast that many crave, particularly members of the generation who tasted Spudnuts in its heyday. Krispy Kreme and other breakfast food franchises are overpriced, commercialized, impersonal, and, worst of all, refuse to admit whether or not they use spuds as their secret ingredients in their recipes. Finding a good potato donut is a difficult task…until now.

Potadonut is another Utah-based company whose specialty is in potato-centric treats and recipes. Potadonut creates a specialized spud mix for donuts, waffles, pancakes (including German pancakes), monkey bread, funnel cake, and crepes and offers free recipes on their website. Many customers compare Potadonut to Spudnut and say Potadonut’s products are even fluffier and better-tasting – and you can make them in your own home! For the historical breakfast you never knew you needed, order Potadonut mix and visit their website for recipes today.

Potadonut is Utah-based company whose specialty is in potato-centric treats and recipes like their potato donut recipe .


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