What is a Skin Allergy and Its Types?


Nowadays, many individuals are suffering from skin problems because of using fairness creams, ointments, lotions, unwanted medications and unhealthy diets, which results in causing of allergies on the skin. Rare people also suffer from skin problems due to lacking some micro bodies in their body or having rare kind of micro bodies which will not accept some foods, weather conditions, cloth materials and jewels. 

The reaction of the immune system to foreign micro bodies which is usually harmless causing irritation on the skin is known as skin allergy. It is known as an allergic reaction in scientific terms. This reaction will cause burning, redness, bumps, swelling, hives, rash and itching. Your immune system automatically thinks being attacked by something different which is harmful, at that time it releases antibodies for defense purposes. These antibodies are known as histamines, the main cause of skin allergy. Below mentions are some of the skin allergies types:

  • Urticaria

It is a type of skin allergy also known as hives caused by touching or getting bites from bugs. It is a skin-colored or swollen red bumps on your skin that may appear and disappear quickly. Its itching can range from mild to severe based on each person’s body condition.

  • Angioedema

It is a type of skin allergy in the form of edema, mucosa, or swelling underneath the skin. On the surface of the skin where the tissue areas are loose, this allergy is caused and sometimes it spreads to all parts of the body too. 

  • Eczema

Eczema is a type of skin allergy is caused due to environmental and genetic factors. This allergy is commonly spreadable to all individuals irrespective of age. It makes your skin red, itchy and inflamed. Sometimes it also leads to blister, depends upon its variant. 

  • Atopic Eczema

Red blotches on your arms, face, and legs are the symptoms of this type of skin allergy and it is a chronic disease that starts in childhood. It also can occur at any age and seems to flare up periodically. It also leads to heavy fever or asthma too. It is also known as atopic dermatitis in scientific terms which is caused mainly by dry skin, stress, infection and sweating. 

  • Psoriasis

This type of skin allergy is defined as a chronic autoimmune condition. It’s a unique among skin allergy types which speeding up of skin cells built-up makes the surface appear scaly and leads to redness and inflammation around the scales is spreading way of this allergy. This kind of allergy mostly develops on joints of our body like knees and elbows. It’s a different type of reaction where the body attacks itself due to the factors like the immune system and genetics. 

Final Thoughts

Thus the above point about skin allergy types will teach you different kinds of allergies, their causes, and their characteristics. You should eat a healthy diet, natural ointments and creams, and quality medicines that won’t contain any harmful ingredients to be a skin allergy-free person as possible as we can. If your natural body condition causes the allergy, then you should consult a dermatologist and follow his medications and steps. Don’t hesitate to consult a dermatologist soon when you feel skin allergy symptoms. 



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