What Causes Itchy Skin and How to Get Immediate Relief from It


Itchy skin makes anyone scratch. You may have a tickle on your back that you cannot reach, which can be irritating. A mosquito bite, chicken pox, and dry skin are the common reasons for itchy skin. However, it is not always easy to pin down the actual cause. Sometimes, it may be a symptom of a serious underlying health issue that one needs to get treated for by a healthcare provider.

Given below are some simple solutions to get instant relief from itchy skin. They include:

  • Opt for cotton clothes instead of any other fabrics.
  • Take a quick shower with warm or cool water.
  • Follow a good skincare routine.
  • Avoid things that trigger itchiness including food habits.
  • For dry skin, use mild soaps and moisturizers.
  • Drink water adequately.

Even after taking proper care, sometimes itchiness may trouble you to the extent that you have sleepless nights. You end up scratching so bad that the skin starts to bleed. You may not be able to concentrate at work too. In such a case, it is suggested that you consult a dermatologist as soon as possible.

Any good dermatologist in Thailand will recommend SUU balm moisturizer, manufactured by SM pharmaceutical co., Ltd. It helps in getting quick relief from itchy skin dry skin (คัน ตาม ผิวหนัง ผิว แห้ง, term in Thai) problems. SM pharmaceuticals deliver high-quality pharmaceutical products and offer top-notch service to their customers. They are an organization that promotes continuous sustainable growth and implements social responsibilities to ensure the quality of life for the Thai people.


  • Dryness, itchiness, and rashes are common in pregnant women and the elderly because their skin becomes more sensitive to protect them from foreign matter.
  • Itching is also caused due to serious health issues such as kidney failure, diabetes, liver failure, skin cancer, HIV, blood pressure, and more.
  • For psoriasis, ringworm, eczema, fungal infections, bug bite, poison ivy, dermatitis, hives, and other related skin conditions, itching is a common sign, resulting in scratches, bleeding, and pain at all times.
  • For people suffering from heart and brain diseases may also suffer from prickliness as their nervous system functions low. They may feel the tickle even without a rash.
  • Certain medications used for blood pressure, gout, heart problems, bloating, hormonal issues, and pain relievers such as ibuprofen and naproxen cause this problem for sensitive skin type.
  • Mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety may urge anyone to scratch or pick their skin even though there is no particular physical cause to damage their skin.

In all these physical and mental health conditions, itchy skin affects the quality of life if no treatment is available in the early stage. SUU balm moisturizer is preservative-free and has five times more ceramides to heal the damaged skin and protect it from dryness and sensitivity.

Regular SUU balm usage as part of your skincare routine will give immediate relief from intensively itching skin. Especially for pregnant women, using this provides exceptional care to their sensitive skin and helps them have a goodnight’s sleep. Also, it makes your skin look better than ever by erasing all the rashes.
















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