Tips for a Better Trip to Pharmacy 


Heading out to the pharmacy to get the medicine for your loved one? A pharmacy is just not a regular store and what you go to get also has to be bought carefully. Agree and need guidance? We have got you. Here are a few tips that would assist you in making a better pharmacy visit this time.

  • Read your prescription carefully and request the medical assistant to do the same 
  • Take your ID card with you 
  • Be patient it may take some time 
  • Avoid buying medicines in bulk 
  • Double-check the expiry date 
  • Ask questions if you have any 
  • Get the medicines you need

Read your prescription carefully and request the medical assistant to do the same 

Even before heading to the pharmacy, the first thing you need to do is check your prescription. It’s not only important for you to read the prescription, the medical assistant has to do it as well. This practice helps you in knowing whether the medicines are according to the prescription or not.

Take your ID card with you 

There are a few medicines that can only be handed over to adults after viewing the ID card. Whether your prescription includes such medicines or not, it is good to take an ID card with you. So, if the medical staff demands to check your ID card, you can show up immediately and be attended. Keep in mind that even if you look like an adult and take medicines from the same pharmacy, you still have to take an ID card.

Be patient it may take some time 

Even though all the big pharmacies have now managed their stock quite well. However, still, for some reason, the medical assistant may not be able to reach you immediately. Respect the staff and do not lose your cool in the pharmacy. Otherwise, you will be kicked out for misbehaving with the staff. 

Avoid buying medicines in bulk 

Buying medicines in bulk often seems economical however, it not actually is. Usually, we do not take medicines longer than 2 weeks unless being in a critical situation. Therefore, you should get as many medicines as you need. You can always come back and take more if needed. It will save you a lot of your hard-earned money. 

Double-check the expiry date 

Usually, the medical assistants at the pharmacy are bound to check the expiry date before handing over the medicine. However, they are still humans. Therefore, before making the payment you should always check the expiry date. Make sure the medicine you are taking home should at least have 6 months to a year to expire.

Ask questions if you have any 

If you are confused or need better guidance, it’s suggested to ask questions to the medical assistant.. The medical assistants are bound to answer all the questions asked by the customers and clarify their doubts. Therefore, they would not mind at all.

Get the medicines you need 

There are tons of over the counter drugs at the pharmacy in north york. It’s super easy to be wanting to purchase these medicines. However, you should first collect all the required medicine, if still there is enough money to purchase something you can shop more.


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