Three Ways Orthotics Help Kids Take Their First Steps


Orthotics, in its actual definition, refers to medicine that uses artificial devices to enact healing and growth, like braces or splints. In people’s minds, the word orthotics usually connects with a brace that supports your feet. Orthotics can help with lots of other medical situations across your body, but braces that support your feet do fall under the branch of the practice. Particularly for young children, preventative measures like braces can change the future of their quality of life if implemented early enough. Finding an orthotics provider in Salt Lake City can make the difference between whether or not your child is several months behind average development or progressing right on schedule. Here are three ways these braces can help kids learn to walk:

They can catch the problem fast. Kids with developmental disabilities need support as soon as possible if the problem is going to be improved. While surgery and other corrective options might be effective, they likely won’t be immediate. A brace can support long-term growth and improvement and is immediately applicable to your child. Additionally, orthotics that are distributed by a professional provider in Salt Lake City can be customized to fit your child’s particular needs and adjustments, so the solution is fast, effective, and personalized. Catching the problem when children are younger and still learning how to walk will help their bodies adjust more quickly to the changes that will need to be made, which revolutionizes the results for your child.

Always partner orthotics with physical therapy. Physical therapists know how to utilize your child’s own body as a tool to heal itself, and stretches and exercises prescribed by a physical therapist will strengthen the usefulness of any braces your doctor has suggested.

Consistency is key! Wearing a brace means wearing a brace constantly. This might be difficult for your child, especially if they are very young and don’t understand why they’re being asked to wear something that could feel strange on their feet. Talk with your physical therapist and doctor if your child is struggling to wear their brace consistently, and they will help you find a solution.

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If you’re looking for customizable, affordable, and quality orthotics in Salt Lake City , look no further than Fit-Well.

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