Protecting Your EMR and EHR



EHR and EMR Philippines are important tools in the healthcare industry. This software helps clinicians effectively diagnose and treat patients and improve communication. 

Because these systems are electronic, they are susceptible to cyberattacks or data breaches. Protecting crucial information under the practice’s supervision and control is necessary. Here are some tips to ensure all your EMR and EHR data are kept safe and secure. 

Regularly Patch and Update

One of the most effective cyber-security approaches is the vehement fixation on keeping software up to date and properly patched. 

Data Encryption

Encrypting medical records and other crucial information is another method to safeguard them. The quantity of important information it can steal will be reduced if sensitive data items are encrypted and patients are protected from identity theft. 

Remove Unnecessary Data

You must consistently classify your data, separating sensitive information from non-sensitive information. Data breaches may be significantly reduced by keeping your databases and systems clean.

Furthermore, if you have old computers or storage devices, it is best to discard them. Do this properly to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. 

Audit Trails

Audit trails can capture who accessed the system automatically. Because all of the information is stored in the EHR or EMR system, doctors can check it regularly and report suspicious actions. Regularly reviewing can also aid in correcting human errors that can be flagged as a violation. 

Conduct IT Risk Assessments

Implementing an IT risk management system can heighten the prevention of most incidents. It can also help you understand the threats that your critical systems face. Completing this procedure frequently is more cost-effective than having an incident on-site and creating risk management systems afterward.

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