Losing Weight The Healthy Way: How Weight Loss Clinics Can Help


Maintaining a healthy weight does not require adhering to a certain diet or regimen. Instead, it is adopting a lifestyle that consists of adopting good eating habits, regularly engaging in physical activity, and learning how to handle stress.

People who lose weight in a slow and steady manner (approximately one to two pounds per week) have a greater chance of maintaining their weight reduction than persons who lose weight in a rapid manner. If you are overweight, decreasing weight can help you feel more energized while also lowering the likelihood that you may become obese or develop type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

Things That Might Assist You in Losing Weight in a Healthy Manner

  • Engage in physical activity for a total of 150 minutes each week; this time may be broken up into many shorter sessions.
  • Aim to consume the recommended five servings of fruit and vegetables every day; one portion consists of 80 grams of fresh, canned, or frozen produce.
  • Aim to lose between 0.5 and 1 kilogram (or 1 to 2 pounds) every week.
  • Read the labels on the foods you buy; healthier options will often have a greater percentage of green color coding than amber and red.
  • Make the switch from sugary beverages to water; if you don’t like the taste, add slices of lemon or lime for flavor. Sugary drinks are bad for your health.
  • Reduce your consumption of foods that are heavy in sugar and fat; to get started, try switching from sugary cereals to whole grain varieties.
  • If you tell a trusted friend or family member about your intention to lose weight, they may be able to assist and inspire you on days when things aren’t going well.

Choices in Medicine

There are occasions when diet and exercise are not sufficient. In other instances, such as when a person has a specific medical problem, they are unable to lose weight by natural means and need further medical intervention or therapy. In circumstances such as these, medical professionals and clinics are able to provide patients with a variety of treatment choices.

Medication that Requires a Prescription

  • Lorcaserin (Belviq) is an appetite suppressant. When you start to feel less hungry, you need to start eating less food. However, you may still need to concentrate on other factors that contribute to your eating, such as worry or stress. This medication should assist you in losing around five percent of your total body weight.
  • Orlistat, which is available over-the-counter under the brand name Alli and by prescription under the name Xenical, prevents your body from absorbing around 30 percent of the fat that you consume. This indicates that less calories are being taken into your body.
  • Topiramate-ER is marketed under the brand name Qsymia, the combination of the appetite suppressant phentermine and the anticonvulsant . Phentermine on its own may only be prescribed for a temporary amount of time. People are able to utilize it for longer periods of time without risk when they combine it with topiramate.

Weight Loss Injections

Another option that is provided by doctors and clinics like Ivím Health is a weight loss shot like those used for diabetes. Not only are they used for managing other health problems, but they can also be used to keep weight under control in certain circumstances. Through a lot of conversation and assessments, there are several different injection options available to those trying to medically lose weight including the following:

  • Wegovy
  • Mounjaro
  • Ozempic
  • Saxenda

What Clinics like Ivím Can Do

There are a number of facilities and clinics that provide patients and customers with assistance in managing their weight by using a mix of pharmacological treatment and physical activity. Ivím Health is a renowned medical facility.  This clinic and beneficiary app has made it easier for patients to keep up with their medicine, appointments, and other vital medical information. Patients may get this information via telehealth as well as digitally on the app. This is made possible thanks to the health of physicians, PAs, health coaches, and other professionals. Ivím is here to assist those who are dedicated to embarking on a path to better their health and enhance the quality of their life. More features are on the way, and the company is extending its range of services.

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