How Performance PT Can Help You Perform Better in Sports


If you want to get better at what you do, physical therapy might be a good option for you. Physical therapy can help you increase your strength, flexibility, and body awareness. It can also help with soreness and bruises. To assist you achieve your sports goals, we may build a customized treatment plan with one of our recognized performance physical therapists at Onward Physical Therapy.

Improve Your Performance on the Court or on the Field

Physical therapy is a type of medical treatment that aims to reduce inflammation, promote a range of motion, and relieve pain. It may be used to treat a wide range of diseases, from sports injuries to chronic pain. Physical therapy can help athletes recover from injuries and return to their optimum performance levels.

Physical therapy may often speed up the healing process and lessen the chance of re-injury. A physical therapist may help you build a strength training and conditioning program to help you perform better on the field or court. Physical therapy can be effective while recuperating from an injury or simply wanting to enhance your sporting ability.

Athletic Performance Physical Therapy

Physical therapists use a range of strategies to help their patients develop. Muscle re-education, which involves retraining muscles on how to function properly, is one of the most popular. To accomplish this, a variety of workouts that focus on developing the appropriate muscles can be employed.

Joint mobilization is another common approach. As a result, the range of motion of a joint is increased. Stretching and massage are only two of the many hand treatments available for this.

Electrical stimulation is another typical way to decrease pain and edema. Electrical currents are used in this therapy to stimulate the muscles and neurological system and speed up the body’s healing process. These are just a few of the many ways physical therapists help their patients recover from injuries and improve their overall function.

What is the Expected Turnaround Time?

“How long till I see results?” is a common question from patients to their physical therapists. The magnitude and form of the injury, the patient’s age, general health, and frequency of physical treatment are all elements that will influence the answer to this question. However, most individuals require 3-5 sessions to feel better. However, it is crucial to remember that everyone heals at a different rate.

Some people, in contrast to others, may see effects more rapidly. The answer is to be patient and follow your physical therapist’s directions. With persistent therapy, your condition should start to improve significantly.

Physical treatment may significantly improve your performance on the field or court. Our physical therapists can help you achieve your goals in a variety of ways. The majority of individuals get benefits within a few weeks, but we may work with you to develop a strategy that matches your specific requirements. If you’d like to learn more about how performance physical therapy might help you perform better, please contact our experts at Onward Physical Therapy.

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