How Long Do Breast Implants Last?


Nowadays, many women are going for breast implant surgery whitfield county ga to enhance their looks. While breast implants do not have an expiry date, the reality is that they are not meant to last for a lifetime. So, how long do breast implants last?

Breast implants can last for 10 to 20 years. However, many women consider removing their implants within 8 to 10 years due to health concerns or cosmetic reasons.

If you wonder whether it is the right time to remove or replace your breast implants, you need to read this article to acquaint yourself with the signs that it is the time for removal or replacement is necessary.

Change in Position

Even after the breast implants, gravity will act on your breasts, and the long-term effect of this is that you will see your breasts sagging. The sagging of breasts is a clear indication that they have stayed for a long time, and therefore a replacement will be a good idea. Besides sagging, you may also notice one breast hanging lower than the other or your nipples pointing in different directions.

Breast Hardening

Another sign that you need to consider breast implant replacement is when you realize breast hardening, resulting from hardened scar tissue on the implants. Breast hardening can cause tenderness or pain, which explains why you should consider having the expert’s input as soon as possible.

Saline Rupture

Saline rupture describes a situation where the breast begins to deflate like a balloon due to a hole or a tear on the implant’s shell. The saline in your implant leaks and gets absorbed by your body, which can happen slowly over a few days. In most situations, you may not be able to notice until all the saline leaks out. The affected breast will have a deformed shape and look different from the other. However, these kinds of conditions are rare.

How to Make your Breast Implants Last for Long

One way of ensuring that your breast implants can serve you for a long time is by wearing a surgical bra during the recovery period. The surgical bra is essential as it will provide enough support and prevent breast sagging over time. In addition to that, you need to work with the best plastic surgeon.

Hire the Best Plastic Surgeon

The question of how long breast implants last starts with the plastic surgeon you are going to hire. Although hiring a less experienced plastic surgeon may have health complications, the most visible outcome is getting shoddy services that may not serve your intended purpose.

The best way to ensure quality services is to hire an experienced plastic surgeon with a proven track record. Finding a good plastic surgeon should not be complex with extensive research and consultations. For instance, you need to ensure that the surgeon is board-certified, professional, creative, empathetic, quality customer service oriented, and in a safe environment. We recommend


It is essential to acknowledge that implants are not guaranteed to last for a lifetime. Therefore, you should be on checkout for the signs that it is time to replace or remove your breast implants. Remember to seek the services of a plastic surgeon with a proven track record.

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