Do You Know What the Common Reasons for Severe Knee Pain Are?

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One of the most unbearable regenerative illnesses, arthritis affects your cartilage and knees. Knee injuries such as ligament tears, tendon damage, fractures, ligament tears, or fractures can all lead to osteoarthritis.

Knee injuries cause the joints to become unstable, which wears down the cartilage. Tendons, muscles, significant joint lining, and ligaments may also sustain damage after such an incident.

The majority of people eventually develop knee discomfort throughout their lives. Strains in the muscles, tendinitis, and more severe injuries to the ligaments and cartilage can all result from sports, exercise, and other activities.

The precise number of people who experience knee pain throughout their lives is impossible to estimate, but we do know the statistics on how many people have pain bad enough to require knee replacement surgery.

These days Podiatrists prefer to use stem cell therapy for knee pain Orange County for knees for knee pain.

This therapy can help the following:

  • Repairing damages and also slowing down the knee degeneration
  • Severe inflammation reduction and also reducing the pain that is caused by your knee inflammation
  • Prevent any chance of knee replacement and surgery

The stem cell for knee pain procedure is straightforward and a little intrusive. Your doctor will remove a little amount of blood, add stem cells to it, and then inject the blood back into your knee, depending on the stem cells being used in the operation.

The following are the common reasons for knee pain:

1.     Knee ligament injuries

You may suffer knee discomfort if the ligaments in your knee are damaged. Your thigh bone (femur) and your lower leg bones are joined by ligaments (tibia and fibula). They keep these bones attached to one another and support the knee.

2.     Meniscus tears

The knee cartilage is susceptible to other harm, such as tears. The tissue that covers the ends of your bones is cartilage, which is semi-hard.

Additionally, the two menisci on either side of the joint are also part of the knee cartilage:

  • The medial meniscus
  • The lateral meniscus.

3.     Knee arthritis

Inflammation and pain are symptoms of arthritis, a disorder that affects the body’s joints but most frequently affects the knee. Chronic arthritis might deteriorate over time and finally necessitate surgery.

The three most typical categories of arthritis are:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Post-traumatic arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis.

Stem cell therapy cost

The price of stem cell treatment for the knees may differ from clinic to clinic and state to state. For instance, the price of stem cell therapy for knees may vary depending on the type of stem cells utilized, the quantity required, the podiatrist, and other factors.

Lots of research on stem cell therapy and knee pain are still ongoing. While some therapy may inject it in a single visit, some doctors may advise ongoing treatment.

Both injection techniques are minimally invasive, and if done correctly based on the patient, they are almost painless.

Prices start at $5000 per knee and can range up to $25,000 or more depending on the doctor, the quantity of therapy required, the type of stem cell, how many joints are affected, and the location.

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