Braces Help To Maintain An Alignment Of Our Teeth


We all desire to have even shining teeth so that our smile looks captivating. But very few of us are lucky to have even teeth. Now few do have uneven teeth from childhood, so to make them straight, braces are necessary at this age as the gums are soft at that time to manage the structure of the teeth by straightening them. There are many braces in the market, but damon braces (จัดฟันแบบดามอน, which is the term in Thai) have achieved popularity because of some unique features.

What Are Its Advantages?

This type of braces is advanced and perfectly attached to the teeth without any rubber band. So they apply orthodontist wires so patients do not need to visit the dental clinic every month. The wire they provide is movable, so you can fix it if you feel any discomfort. Now you must worry about its pain but will hardly feel anything. At first, you will feel some sensation or pain, but within a few hours, it will vanish away, as it can heal quickly.

How Much Does It Cost?

Now there are varieties of them, depending on which one you are willing to buy. Now if you are looking for a shorter month, like 1 or 2 months, as you don’t need much straightening, they can explain the exact amount. Now there are charges for adjustment, oral inspection, and retainer, so an orthodontist can brief you about it only after inspecting the oral condition.

What Are The Things To Be Highlighted?

Now, if you want to align your teeth, you must first consult a specialist orthodontist who can help you with this by assigning many tests to determine whether your teeth suit the braces. There are many crooked or crowded teeth, so the medical practitioner needs to know whether damon braces are ideal for those teeth. Before applying, the doctor must go through an x-ray to check the health or roots of the teeth. So before the braces, the mouth should be cleared, like filling or scaling must be done first to avoid further dental problems. So these damon braces maintain your tooth health, and also you don’t need to visit the clinic often and can clean the braces easily. One thing you need to know is before fixing it on top of your teeth, try to research a bit to know about the pros and cons of braces.

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