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Lung infection involves a lung infection caused by a virus or bacteria. It causes inflammation, and the infection ranges from mild to severe. Lung infection needs proper medical treatment. They are different types, and the most common is pneumonia. It is due to a contagious bacteria or virus that attacks the smaller air sacs of your lungs. Though it is quite severe, you can treat it with lung infection medicine. There are different types of lung infection which has different causes and treatment. Let’s learn about it in detail:


The symptoms of lung infection range from mild to severe. It differs based on the age or overall health of a person. The most common signs of lung infection are:

  • Coughing

In case of a lung infection, you get a cough that produces thick mucus. The colour of the mucus ranges from white and green to yellowish-grey. It sticks to you even after you get cured.

  • Fever

If you have an infection, you will have a high temperature. Headache, swelling, muscle aches and chills follow it.

  • Body ache

You will get muscle and body pain if you have an infection. It is due to inflammation in muscles, a condition called myalgia.

  • Shortness of breath

You will have difficulty breathing or be completely unable to breathe. If so, you must consult the doctor.

Causes of the infections

Bacteria or viruses usually cause lung infections. The most common types of lung infection are:

  • Pneumonia

It is a common lung infection that affects the air sacs of your lungs. It is due to bacteria or viruses. They are further classified based on the risk.

  • Bronchitis

It affects the airways called bronchi which causes inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes. It is due to both viruses and bacteria. The classifications of bronchitis include acute and chronic conditions.

  • Bronchiolitis

It is an infection that affects the smaller airways called bronchioles. It causes inflammation and difficulty in breathing. It is a viral infection caused by influenza or rhinovirus.


The most common treatment for lung infection is giving lung infection antibiotics. In case of a viral infection, antibiotics won’t work there. The body will cure the infection independently, and it takes time. In that case, you can follow certain steps to treat yourself at home. Drinking lots of water will help you loosen the mucus and get it out while you cough up. In case of fever, take drugs like ibuprofen. Take the antibiotics given to you completely. Try remedies like having tea with honey or ginger. Use a humidifier in your room so that the humidity gets into your airways and loosen the mucus. In case of severe symptoms, better consult the doctor.


You cannot prevent all lung infections, but you can avoid them. Some measures to help you:

Follow hygiene measures like washing your hands and avoid touching your face or mouth. Take a flu shot to prevent lung infection. Avoid being in crowded places, as the virus can spread quickly. Avoid sharing your utensils or food with other people.

To sum it up

Lung infection is more like a common cold, but in some cases, the symptoms are severe. If you have any symptoms, it is better to consult the doctor. In case of infection with mild symptoms, take lung infection antibiotics. Try the remedies given if you want a quick recovery.

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