2022 Hot Waist Trainers in Australia


It’s 2022 and we’re living at a time when self-love is at the centre of many commercial offerings and services. And for a product that has been used for more than six centuries now, corsets and shapewear have surely come a long way — becoming an unlikely but understandably trendy symbol of emancipation, of breaking free from what’s the norm. After all, a waist trainer is a garment designed to help its wearer achieve their desired body figure.

This is not only the preserve of women wanting to shed unwanted body fats. It’s also used by women recovering from pregnancy or surgery. There’s also shapewear designed for men and for people who live an active lifestyle. And in this article, we’re rounding up six waist trainers that are in demand in the Australian market.

Steel-boned hourglass creator ultimate waist training cincher. This classic waist trainer is made from mesh tough fabric — which offers the perfect blend of breathability and strength. It has a full lace-up back that you can tie to achieve the instant hourglass figure that you want (or need). In the long run, this shapewear will also help you cut down those extra fats in your waist and tummy areas.

Seamless tummy flattening butt lifter thigh trimmer shorts. This pair of shorts is a must-have in your wardrobe if you’re looking for shapewear that doesn’t just flatten your stomach, but also slims your thighs and lifts your bums. Though it’s high-waist, it’s equipped with steel bones to prevent itself from rolling down. Available in nude and black colours.

Fat burning day/night 4-in1 bodysuit. This boob lifter, waist slimmer, bum lifter, and thigh slimmer bodysuit oozes with luxury. Designed using a special waved fat burning material, it features an intricate lace design with a silk overlay for added elegance. It can be worn during day or night, with its seamless design proving to be a comfort-inducing element that also won’t restrain your movements.

Tummy and thigh slimming & workout waist support belt. Tummy flattening activewear is a popular sub-category of shapewear. This waist support belt is essential if you’re a fitness buff. Easily worn and consistently stable — thanks to its sticky velcro — it also doubles as a thigh slimming garment. It’s made of premium neoprene fat-burning material, so you can count on it as the ultimate workout buddy that won’t let you down.

Super breathable seamless high waist ultra tummy flattening recovery shorts. In a fast-paced world, recovering your body figure after a surgery is an inevitable need. This pair of recovery shorts is specially designed to meet this need, helping you flatten your stomach and slim down your waist with regular use. Because it’s made from Spandex and cotton, comfort is guaranteed. This can also be used by moms who are recovering from pregnancy. There are also medical compression shapewear pants and suits available in the market today.

Men’s ultra tummy flattening waist slimming singlet. As stated, the waist trainer is not only a garment for the ladies. This waist slimming singlet, in particular, is meant for men’s use. It’s adjustable and made with super breathable high-quality fabric — making it the ultimate slimming garment of men across various body sizes and types. This shapewear will also help its wearer achieve better posture. Available in white and black colours.

waist trainer can help you achieve the hourglass figure you have been dreaming of. Check out the best deal on waist trainers at Magic Fit today.

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