is an health blog started with the aim of bringing the best of product reviews to its readers.

The aim is to focus on several health products available in the market, talk about them and give you more insight about how it can work for you.

The blog also about other health related issues, but this is not the main focus. is currently owned by Okeke Hycent , a nigerian digital marketer who specializes in helping businesses scale up their sales using the power of social media.

Okeke Hycent studied biochemistry at the university of Ibadan, hence his focus on health related issues.

He however loves blogging and is passionate about it  as he believes it’s a way to tap in vast results encapsulated in the internet. This blog was started in the month of February 2018 on  the blogger platform before moving to the self hosted WordPress in the month of June 2018.

He is currently the sole writer and publisher of this blog at the moment.

You can easily reach him via +234898729757 and also available on whatsapp for chats.

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