Social media platforms: A gold mine for product sellers and service providers

Social media platforms: A gold mine for product sellers and service providers

Social media platforms: A gold mine for product sellers and service providers



In this article, we will be extensively looking at how social media platforms can help product sellers and service providers to scale up what they do.

As we all know, it is the desire of every business owner or service provider that they get more people to either buy their products or patronize their services. It is also a started fact every of such individuals always leverage on the existing power of advertising.

But you will agree with me that they former mediums of advertising is no longer as effective as it used to be. In time past, people were used to sitting in their shops while waiting for customers to come and patronize them while others go the extra mile as to hawk their products from street to street.

As times went on, posters, stickers and bill boards, radio and television  became an alternative means of advertising. In as much as this proved to be more effective in its results, they were still geographically restricted. The means of advertising could not for farther than the areas it covered.

With time, the competition became more intense with people looking for more means and better means to reach the likely audience that would be interested in their product or service. Hence the better and raining alternative which are the social media platforms.

Social media platforms: Their primary goal and how it can affect product sellers and service providers.


Social media platforms are online communities which starts with the aim of bringing several people together irrespective of their locations, tribes, beliefs, e.t.c.

The main aim is to bridge the gap that distance has caused, hence people from different places can socialize online, hence they are known as social media platforms.

It’s important to note that over time, these communities have grown steadily. While some grew and went down, others are still waxing strong. In this article, we will be discussing some social media platforms that are still waxing strong which.


However based on the social nature of these platforms, several of its members have taken the opportunity to begin to advertise their products and services to people that ordinarily, they could never have reached. Many have used it to grow their start ups into 6 and 7 figure businesses while others are still struggling with their business because they have failed to understand that the social media platform they are on is actually a gold mine and they are yet to start digging gold.


Social media platforms : the top three on the list


There are several social media platforms out there and several others are still be showcased as the day roles by. But I will be talking about the top four.


1. Facebook



Currently,this social media platform is regarded as one king of social media. It’s been present for more than 10 years already but it’s dominance is still well felt. You can read about the history of facebook here.


Currently there are more than 2billion users on this social media platform with about 1.5billion active daily users. It was once rumoured that if facebook was to be a country, it would be the third most populated country asides China and India.


The founder of facebook, mark Zuckerberg has been dominating the social media world for some time now and is still doing the same. The social media platform has numerous sub platforms where people can interact with each.


It could be in a group ,a page, or even the comment section. Some couples of years ago, they integrated the facebook messenger, an app where you can privately chat with an online friend.


2. Instagram



This is another amazing social media platform. When it was initially founded, it was basically meant for picture uploads. But as time went on, video upload came into place and also some extra cool features. You can read up the history of Instagram here.


This social media platform boost of having almost 1 billion users. It has however being growing steadily ever since the Ceo of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg purchased the company. You can read up the transaction details here.


Each user has the ability to either follow a user or be followed. In this social media platform, the aim of every user is the gain as much follower as possible. This is because the more followers you have, the more visibility your product or services will have.


3. Whatsapp



This is a social media platform that is more of personal. This is because it’s more of a one-on-one chat between two people.


This social media platform ensures that your discussions with an online friend is enclosed except when you  are in a whatsapp group. Click here to know how to create a whatsapp group.


Social media platforms: Effective ways to use them to sell your products and services

As a digital marketer who has helped and is still helping businesses to scale up their products and services on social media platforms, I believe I should be able to give some practical advice on this subject matter.


The type of product or services you sell or render, determines how you advertise it. There are some types of products that you can conveniently and effectively advertise on Facebook, while there are some, it’s best you focus on Instagram to maximum your sales over time.


Let me explain properly. Health products, automobile products, building material and several other products can conveniently be advertised using facebook. This is because the platform is well built to make sure that these products thrive effectively in sales.


Services in general are best advertised on instagram. Normally on instagram, you gain more ground when you have more followers. The more people following your instagram handle, the more likely you will make more sales.


This is because when it comes to services, people don’t immediately trust you with their money the same way they do for those selling products. Hence, you need to find a way to consistently convince them. This is why as a service provider ,your main aim is to build your audience.


Actually some do this by using a Facebook group or Facebook page. This is also an effective means also. But I have seen lots of people moving over to Instagram in  regards to this. I also personally believe Instagram is the best for building your audience since the platform is more targeted at building followers.


Instagram on the other hand can also be used to advertise your products and services by either advertising them directly to your whatsapp contacts or uploading them on your whatsapp status.


However there is a software that I know of called whatsapp sender pro. This software helps you to send bulk whatsapp messages to a list that you have already encoded into it.


This ensures that the messages are sent directly to those contacts. And since we both know that whatsapp has a good open rate( the rate at which people check the messages that enter),  we can as well say, it’s a very good marketing strategy for your products and services.


Social media platforms : organic traffic vs paid traffic


Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have features where you can either post about your product and services to get organic reach or for paid reach.


Organic reach is the amount of people that saw your advert based on the fact that you posted it. Paid reach is the amount of people your advert reached based on the fact that you paid the social media platform to advertise your product or services.


Social media platforms : when should you start maximizing these platforms?


You don’t need to wait until you have a product to sell or a service to render before you can start making use of the the benefits of these social media platforms. Even from this moment,you can begin to make use of the features on these social media platforms to your own advantage.


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